Useful Software to Create Video tutorials

Useful Software to Create Video tutorials. Quite a lot of people prefer to watch guides on videos or video tutorials because they are easier to understand. So, this is why there are so many video creators who create video tutorials. Video tutorials are available in various kinds. For instance, beauty tutorial, bola 88 tutorial, cooking tutorial, lifestyle tutorial, and many more. If you want to create useful and helpful video tutorials as well, you can consider using these softwares below to help you create a video tutorial.


The first software that you can use to create video tutorials is CamStudio. You can use CamStudio to record any activities on your computer screen or laptop screen. This is why this software is suitable to be used to make a video tutorial. The recording results are in the form of AVI and SWF that are very suitable to be used for tutorial presentation in your website or video streaming. You can download this CamStudio software for free on its official website.

Useful Software to Create
Useful Software to Create


The next software that can help you create a video tutorial is Ezvid. This software cannot only be used as a video screen recorder but it can also be used to edit your video tutorials. Besides being able to be used as a video editor, Ezvid also offers some other benefits. Such as easy to use, able to record up to 45 minutes, and also able to draw on a screen. You can download Ezvid Screen Recorder on its official website.

Useful Software to Create
Useful Software to Create


Bandicam is a software that is suitable for you who need video quality that is close to the original. This useful software is way better compared to fraps in recording desktop video screencast for a high-quality video tutorial or high-quality presentation. The video files are in the form of AVI and MP4. You can also download this software on its official website.

Useful Software to Create
Useful Software to Create


This ActivePresenter software has quite complete features for a screencast software. With this software, your needs to create a video tutorial will be easier and more interactive. This software has complete options for exporting files in the form of flash, html, mpg, avi, and others. Are you interested to use this ActivePresenter software to help you create a video tutorial?


The next is Hypercam. This software is able to record activities on your desktop and save the files in the form of AVI. The voice from your microphone or your computer can be clearly recorded by this helpful software. You will also be able to choose the frame rate and the quality of the video compression.


Screenium is software from Synium that provides features for screen recording for Mac and iOS. This software provides recordings of 60 frames per second to make smooth video footage. It will record the full screen, a portion of the screen, or the area you select. Screenium also provides video editing features, such as effects, animation, cropping, audio, and texts. Screenium also has a smart zoom feature to shoot a certain area on the screen. You can export your videos to several platforms, including YouTube.

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