Things to Consider in Creating Makeup Video Tutorial

Things to Consider in Creating Makeup Video Tutorial. According to the YouTube data, it is not only YouTube audiences that keep increasing but also the content creators as well. And 36% of the content creators are women. So, it is not surprising that a lot of women use YouTube as a platform to develop their skills and passions. One of them is beauty and makeup. One of the most watched guides on videos is makeup video tutorials. If you have passion for makeup and want to create video tutorials, here are several things that you should consider.

Camera Position

It is important to consider the lighting when you create a makeup video tutorial. Before you record the video, you are suggested to check your face first in the camera. Make sure there is no shadow. Also, make sure the lighting evenly illuminates your face. If you want to use natural lighting, make your makeup video tutorial in the morning at around 8 AM to 11 AM.

Things to Consider in Creating
Things to Consider in Creating

Auto Focus

If you record your makeup video tutorial by yourself without any help from a videographer, you can use a tripod as your camera holder. Moreover, set your camera in an auto-focus mode so that it will not be complicated to record your makeup video tutorial.

Focus on Certain Parts of Your Face

Audiences want to see how you apply your makeup in makeup video tutorials. So, when you are applying your makeup, it is highly suggested to zoom-in until the camera focuses on a certain part of your face. For example, when you are applying eyeshadow on your left eye, set your camera to focus only on your left eye. So, the result will be clearly seen.

Things to Consider in Creating
Things to Consider in Creating

Hand Movements

When you are applying your makeup and recording the video, make sure your hand movement can be seen. This way, your audiences will know how to properly apply the makeup. Moreover, you do not have to be in a rush to finish one scene. For example, you can apply mascara for around 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

Things to Consider in Creating
Things to Consider in Creating

Find Your Own Style

The next thing you should consider is your own style. Besides makeup application, narration is important as well. It depends on your own style. So, you should find your own comfortable style. Do you need a script or do you want to do it spontaneously? You can create important points that you will explain in your makeup video tutorial.

Zoom Game

You can play with zoom features so that your makeup video tutorial will not be boring. For example, after zooming in your eyes, then you can zoom out in the next scene to show your facial expression when you are applying makeup. It is also beneficial to show how you hold the brush. It is important because not all women know how to hold a makeup brush.

Those are the things that you must consider when you want to create a makeup video tutorial. Besides those things above, make sure you spare some space which functions to show the makeup products you use.

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