How to Create a Video Tutorial for Your Business

How to Create a Video Tutorial for Your Business. A video tutorial is getting more preferred today since it is easier to understand. A video tutorial or guides on videos can also be used to promote a business. The very first thing that needs to be done is determining what kind of video tutorial that you want to make. Whether it is animation, full presentation, or others. Once you decide, you need to follow these steps below.


Even though your video tutorial is pretty easy, you still have to think about what you want to involve in your video tutorial. Spare your time around 20 minutes to 30 minutes and brainstorm about anything that can be involved. Ask yourself these questions: How detailed this video tutorial should be? What are the right steps to finish the process that you try to explain? Are there any special tips that you can offer to simplify the process or the tutorial you explain?

If you have more than an idea, it will be better if you consider dividing them into a series of video tutorials. A short and focused video tutorial will be more preferred than a long video tutorial. A video tutorial with a duration of 3 minutes or 4 minutes is ideal and tends to attract more audiences.

How to Create a Video
How to Create a Video


The best video tutorial offers suggestions in a friendly way. So, you do not want a detailed script. However, you still have to know what is happening. In order to reach this, you need to adjust your brainstorming notes to be a good script. You can start by moving the brainstorming points that you want to involve to a new document. Each point must be separated steps or be a sub. Then, widen every item in a new document. Each point must have 2 or 3 “script” sentences. You should also write a detailed description about any physical movements that you do. Explain that all information should be inserted, but phrases can be changed.

Make sure people can understand the script that you try to explain. If you will use a lot of technical terms in your video tutorial, make sure you explain every technical term. If necessary, you can also add glossary of terms in the video description so that the audiences can understand what you are saying.

How to Create a Video
How to Create a Video


Once you have your script, it is time for you to make your video tutorial. You will need at least one full day to record your video tutorial. If you create an animated video tutorial or screen casting, all you need are only proper software and a high-quality microphone. If you record your video tutorial live, you need to use a camera, microphone, and also lighting equipment. You can hire a professional and trusted videographer if you do not want to do it yourself. Always record at least 3 footages. Many footages are better than one.


How to Create a Video
How to Create a Video


Once you have recorded your video tutorial, you should edit it. You can edit it on your own or hire an editor to do it. You can try to use video editing software that you can download for free on the internet.

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